1. Piano tuition will be paid monthly in advance and is due at the first lesson of each month. Studio holidays will be the same as school holidays unless arranged otherwise. Summer workshop tuition is due the beginning of the workshop or at the first lesson of each month.

  2. Students are responsible for all the fees for entering festivals, auditions, and contests. It is also their responsibility to pay for all the music needed for their piano study.

  3. Monthly payments are based on the number of lessons in a given month. There is no refund for lessons missed by the student. Make up lessons are scheduled at the teacher's discretion. All lessons missed by the teacher will be made up. The makeup lesson will be a group lesson scheduled once a month.

  4. Lesson attendance is required. Be punctual at lessons. There will be a "swap list" of students' lesson times and phone numbers for students to use for swapping lessons. Students are responsible for swapping lessons.

  5. Each week the student will have a forty-five or sixty minute private lesson for repertoire. We may have group lessons to study theory in January at no cost to you. Private repertoire lessons for the very young student will be thirty minutes, while adults may prefer an hour lesson.

  6. Students will be expected to practice consistently and keep a record of their practice time.

  7. You may call and leave a message on my answering machine if no can answer my phone.

  8. Attend concerts and recitals as much as possible. Also watch PBS special music programs. It will broaden your musical understanding.

  9. Many thanks to my students and their parents for their enthusiam and cooperation.

  10. Your child is important to me. I will endeavor in every way to develop their musical potential.